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Single Service

General Service

Not interested in a regular maintenance program?  Do you have just some seasonal or occasional bugs coming in?  Then you probably want our General Service Treatment.

We will do a do a basic inside spray around your baseboards in all your rooms, getting behind and/or under the furniture along the walls where possible, any void areas we find necessary, and treat the basement, and attached garage.  We will then treat the outside perimeter of the building with products best suited for your insect issue.

After the treatment, we will give the inside a two-month warranty, so if the issue continues or returns, we will return as well free of charge.

If you would like to add additional garages or buildings to the treatment, we can add them to the price.


Service plan

Seasonal Service

The seasonal service plan is the best prevention of insects inside and outside your home during the warm months.  We come three times through the “bug season” between April/May through October/November.  All three trips we treat the outside of your home, and on two of the trips we will schedule with you an inside service.

We can also adjust the plan for outside treatments only if you would prefer not to have the inside treated, but you would not have a warranty against any insects you would find inside.  These treatments will not eliminate or prevent bed bugs, fleas, flying insects, or termites.

This plan is prepaid for the year at the beginning of service, along with a prepay discount if paid before spring.

Service plan

Quarterly Service

Quarterly service is for year-round protection of your home from insect infestations.  No amount of spraying can stop every bug from entering your home, but the treatment residuals will eventually kill the insect, preventing an infestation from beginning.  These treatments will not prevent bed bugs, fleas, flying insects, or termites.

Quarterly service prices are based on four trips throughout the year, and does include a winter service trip. If you do not want a winter service, please refer to our General Treatment or Seasonal Service Plan.

Customized For You


Because every house is different, along with different insects and degree of infestation, we cannot have a set price list.  Some insects such as termites and bed bugs, there are certain things about the house we will need to see.

If you can send us some detailed information on your house, such as possibly square footage, number of rooms, one or two stories, etc., plus the bug or mice problem details, we can try to get you at least a ballpark price if possible. Also, sometimes we can pull up some details of the house online we need, if you would like to give us your address.  Or, feel free to call us at our office to talk to someone and schedule an appointment.

We do require payment at the time of service.  We accept cash, checks, credit cards, bank transfers.

Licensed in Iowa
and Illinois.

Our technicians are expertly trained and state licensed in both Iowa and Illinois.


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